Tuesday, 24 February 2015

how to make dogs cats animals people from play doh clay stand up armature

Child friendly way to make armature skeletons for your Play-Doh or Clay creations


I know the way a adult would make a inner structure or what modelers call armature is to use wire as i do myself when i made a life sized deadpool statue i infact used chicken wire but not good for children as its sharp and even i get cut using it.
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As adults know wire is sharp at the ends and care is needed i made a dead pool full size sculpture from chicken wire and my hands were bleeding from amount of times wire poked me in the hands 

So how do you make armature child safe to leave them alone to make there play-doh people dogs super heroes etc,
well best way i found to do this is go to a supermarket no need to buy expensive brands like bayko foil just buy the supermarket own brand in our local tesco baking foil ,
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when you have your baking foil rip it into sheets like paper and twist it into long sticks ,
Then you twist sticks around each other to make arms legs body,
always start with backbone/spine then add arms legs,

please watch my simple tutorial video I made on my son's youtube channel (the video is top of this blog) for a better idea, it really makes a big difference having study middle to your play doh creations stops them falling over

my youtube video is basic and is for a child friendly way to build play doh and clay sculptures ,

adults wanting to make big sculptures use wire , or for full size i found chicken wire twisted tightly best thing to use but dangerous to use will get pricked quite a bit , chicken wire holds clay really well , but do not let kids near chicken wire i dont even let me dog near the stuff ,

I do hope this article helps kids be creative and get them into basic clay modelling 
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