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Most Expensive Rarest and valuable WWF/WWE Wrestling figure Hasbro Greg Valentine

Here we have a very interesting lot for the vintage Hasbro wwf wrestling collector, I found these bizarre figures today a set of rhythm and blues figures that were never produced , are these figures customs, test shots, prototypes ??? 

( they are certainly not factory ready to sell to public figures my video see pictures and bid or buy accordingly.
The rarest and most valuable wrestling figure is the wwf rhythm and blues Greg the hammer valentine, so much myth has been written about this figure only one made was given to greg himself etc etc

Someone has it on YouTube from eBay ( personally i think thats a fake for various reasons) 

so just what is the trued story of this figure, it was advertised and seen in pictures, the picture shows him like figure i have, but here is the twist figure i have has him like in picture but picture on brochure was a mirror image which makes him have arm open on other side opposite to my version.

All the fakes and customs have arm open on different side to mine as its easier to customize using a standard Greg figure so why is the one i have left handed not right handed like all others i see ??? very strange or is this a fake made many years ago based on original left handed picture 

which is now meant to be a mirror image making the figure actually right handed, the more i have tried to figure out the figures in this video the more i am confused, they look like resin model kits , 

But why make a figure of honky tonk man his common i can understand a copy of greg as his so rare, this to me look like mock ups of a tag team to be shown to a Hasbro boss before being given the go ahead to produce, 

I  like these figures i got pretty crude paint jobs but great moulds the other rumour i was told about these figures is a clever man many years ago custom moulded these figures and specially made them for his child who wa a massive fan, 

But still if thats tory why would you not just paint a normal grey why use a completely different mould to the released version see my biggest issue with figure and makes me question its history is the opposite arm battle video you will see what i mean 

I am putting a set on eBay if they sell well may sell others but at moment there in storage until i can understand more about these versions that look like 99p shop £$1 shop Chinese bootlegs but are clearly hasbro moulds but no stamps ( just like a real test shot should have no stamp marks.

These are not made by painting over normal greg valentine figures like the fakes are ..also if these are fakes why is Google not showing any other images of this casting of Greg left handed .unsure why someone would go to effort of making him other handed throwing the elbow when easier to use original arm mold.

please for more information and a better view if you are really interested in these watch my youtube video Below for more indepth view of figures and moulding, VIDEO OF THESE ACTUAL FIGURES IN DETAIL ON YOUTUBE !! WORTH WATCHING IF INTEND TO BID 


This item i listed on march 2015 so if its no longer on ebay will jut leave this on my blog or reference for other wwf classic hasbro collectors and revise blog with its realised price and any other information gathered about these figures and history of the rarest figure of all.

 The Follow up prices i sold these for we 50 pounds a Greg figure or 75.00 for a tag team pair and i sold out instantly

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