Tuesday, 6 February 2018 is it a unstoppable business or could it fail ? is it making the same mistake as eBay does and putting sales before ethics 

I actually am an affiliate seller for Amazon and  I enjoy the  side of  the business I do for them, I do not sell myself on Amazon or work for them directly, but I do have concerns as I put a lot of work into Amazon and feedback I have had recently about them from my own customers is worrying, 

I work with a lot of companies reviewing products such as sideshow collectables which all I ever get is praise for that company and products service they provide so it's not people directing hate at my business is what i tend to promote on that blog youtube video webpage etc,  

I blankly refuse to promote or sell anything for eBay due to how myself and my customers feel about eBay as most my customers I have are ex eBay users who won't use there site anymore so come to me for help finding collectables thereafter I am unsure how much research big corporations do on disgruntled customers and ex-employees

I watch a lot of youtube videos on company's businessmen there ethics dreams etc,

Richard Branson in an interview bangs on about a business is built ground up not top first, 

I highly recommend anyone watch history of Jack Ma and how he learnt English put up with eBay trying to ruin him which funnily now he could buy eBay with his spare change but does not want to lol, He even proved the Chinese Government wrong as his thinking was so before anything was understood, even a business show tried to humiliate him on the BBC saying come on jack you think you can make money off the internet, 

He is so correct greed will not in the long-term win, nearly every big company out there has had a disgruntled ex-employee has left and done what companies there worked for never listened to and caused havoc to business, we all know Steve Jobs was sacked from Apple then gained control again, this happened with Mattel and Hasbro toy companies with boss's not listening to them someone going elsewhere and gaining huge contracts from underneath there previous boss's

well in my days of being very successful and running a company, I had the best workforce I could have dreamt for and in return, my staff bent over backwards to make my company work my staff would shout at me to give them more work,

I paid them a weekly salary all drinks etc free I provided canteen etc was just a kitchen, we had a dog yes we did , I had music tv is it helped one staff member used to sit in a room listening to star trek on the table whilst packing orders and by golly he was fast, my staff were happy was like a home environment, happy staff are good staff nit staff who rubbish your brand, steal from you or take your ideas ,

I had 4 staff on average we did 550 -800 orders a week, my staff were also mature 40-60 years old this as I saw with my dads business is a real crucial bit of the puzzle, mature staff is the key, younger school leavers take sick days don't come in or drunk or stoned and younger staff think they know everything and tend to think they can steal your ideas and do business themselves, not saying all young staff are bad but from my experience and seeing y dads business young girls on phones all the time  then get sacked , but older workers tend to have better work ethic and manners, (p.s I am under 40 not saying this because I am old) also most boss's would cringe with net idea I did if work was all done and staff had done an amazing job I would close office friday go take them for a meal and let them go home after....

my staff as I say we're like a big happy family we even built a koi garden together in our breaks was a good time I fondly miss but I decided to have a family and be a dad instead of working like I did.

So this brings me to, great looking company great website loved the way they came along and destroys eBay, but do we all remember when we loved eBay before they ripped us off with hiking fee's mistreated us with suspensions etc etc, us sellers we basically eBay's staff and if your an unhappy eBay seller-buyer would you buy off them again, after 12 years on eBay buying and selling i would never use them again, so the once mighty have fallen,

I have same worries about Amazon and this is my theory how they could fail if a serious problem is not addressed as all another company has to come along and do amazons format but with better work practices,   how many people say I love my amazon job, Google Disney and toy company's seem to be were employees enjoy to work,

Basically Amazon has an incredibly high staff turn over what they do is hire staff through agencies in the hundreds and thousands each week then, cherry pick the best staff and let go the others, you go look in a job search thousands of jobs, average to low pay crazy hours just read reviews, then good chance let go afterwards, modern-day slavery ,

so each week such a high sacking/letting go rate of employees then the undercover exposure on the inner workings of Amazon being shown on television,

I was offered a job from but declined after reading reviews on Glassdoor and watching a documentary on fulfilment centres 

if you are a sacked employee or an unhappy one regardless of what company it was, would you use that company? the answer must be no surely, so every week Amazon get rid of staff that don't, make the grade or had been ill or whatever other crazy reason was given,

so, in theory, every week amazon are instead of making staff want to buy from them make them hate them then tell friends, family, not to use, over a year if I had numbers and stats would be an absurd amount of lost sales,

As I say I am an affiliate for Amazon so want them to succeed but I have received several messages from my subscribers asking me why I am advertising a billion dollar business like Amazon I should be ashamed of myself, honestly i get messages like that, so must be some angry people out there,

also its not just the sacked staff that causes amazon issues bit also people who were amazon sellers and affiliates that had accounts closed, they will not by from amazon anymore so amazon I think is repeating error of ebay and concentrating so much on sales they are forgetting who runs amazon trust me its not jeff bezos its all workers in offices, factories affiliates and sellers in bedrooms across the world, you upset them they revolt ,,,,its happened since man was created throughout history, if you are a king or a Ceo keep your people happy !!!!!

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Sunday, 4 February 2018

lego minifigures price guides and collection guides

Lego Minifigure Price Guides Valuations on actual sold realised prices on y personnel youtube channel made various lego price guides showing current valuations and character names in the series , some videos are a couple of years old so i intend to make new updated price guides on my eternia collectables business page in 2018 and i know many non british viewers were confused with the pound prices as many only understood dollars so my new lists will include multiple currencies with full sound 

All our lego price guides are based on actual sold prices not dealers asking crazy prices and never selling anything so i believe it to be a very accurate guide unlike so many price guides i have purchased in the past with crazy inflated prices, 

One rule of selling collectibles is its only worth what someone is willing to pay not what a book tells you its worth...there is a difference with a insurance valuation and a actual selling price, 

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Del Prado Locomotives of the world N gauge checklist issue models list


In total 100 locomotives trains were made in total for this Del Prado Locomotives of the world partworks series , start of issue was in August 2006 , ended in December 2008. according to information i saw on a forum .

Some country issues may differ in issue number to locomotive model unsure why this is but the list is correct for every model made , also are various videos i made reviewing these models on my youtube channel 

These models are N gauge and very details great value for the money, also you can unscrew these from these bases and i have seen people who have converted these into actual working models , but are sold as static models but do having moving wheels 

1 19/08/2006  LNER Class A1 "Flying Scotsman"   GB

2 02/09/2006  ETR300 "Settebello"   Italy
3 13/09/2006  SNCF CC 7100   France
4 20/09/2006  American Standard "The General" USA   
5 27/09/2006  TGV, France 1978  France
6 07/10/2006  AMTRAK FP-45 (EMD)   USA 
7 14/10/2006  UNION PACIFIC FP 7   USA
8 21/10/2006  CLASS 52 KRIEGSLOK   Germany
9 28/10/2006  SERIES 700 SHINKANSEN   Japan
10 04/11/2006  ETR 480 PENDOLINO  Italy
11 16/11/2006  BR 218 - Diesel Germany 1968   
12 23/11/2006  CLASS C50 - Steam Japan 1929   
13 30/11/2006  GP 20 - electeric BoBo, USA 1955   
14 07/12/2006  HST 125 Inter City, GB 1976   
15 14/12/2006  GNER Class 373 "White Rose', GB 1993   
16 21/12/2006  Standard Class 4MT steam 4-6-0 GB 1951   
17 28/12/2006  ETR 500 (E404), high speed train Italy 1995   
18 10/01/2007  DF4D President Mao, diesel eletric, China 1996   
19 17/01/2007  F45 Santa Fe 100, diesel electric, USA 1967  
20 24/01/2007  Class 691 FS, Steam Locomotive 4-6-2 Italy 1928   
21 31/01/2007  GE 6/6 KROKODIL ( RhB), Electric Swiss Svizzera 1921   
22 07/02/2007  AVE 100 RENFE, high speed train Spain 1992   
23 14/02/2007  KIHA 81, Diesel Japan 1960   
24 21/02/2007  CLASS 182, DB Electric Germany 2001   
26 07/03/2007  Mallard Class A4 , Steam 4-6-2 GB 1938   
27 14/03/2007  RENFE 319.4 diesel elettric, Spain 1990   
28 21/03/2007  SNCF 141 P Mikado, 2-8-2, France 1942   
29 28/03/2007  DB VT-11.5 TEE diesel electric Germany 1957   
30 04/04/2007  RENFE 352 (TALGO) Spaina 1964  
31 11/04/2007  Class 340 RENFE , Spain 1966   
32 18/04/2007  Su 2-6-2 Steam  Russia 1911   
33 25/04/2007  SNCF TGV Duplex 29000 high speed train, France 1996   
34 01/05/2007  Southern Railway "schools" Class 4-4-0 GB 1930   
35 12/05/2007  Canadian Pacific Railway "Royal Hudson" 4-6-4, Canada 1929   
36 19/05/2007  SNCF CC 6500 - electric, France 1969   
37 26/05/2007  Class YP (indian Railways), Steam made in GB 1949   
38 02/06/2007  E 428 FS, electric, Italy 1934   
39 09/06/2007  Class VL80 Trans-siberian, electric (SZD),Russia 1963  
40 16/06/2007  "Brighton Belle" Pullman, GB 1933   
41 23/06/2007  1-C-1 Class D, electric, Swiss 1925   
42 30/06/2007  GG1 Pennsylvania Railroad- electric, USA 1934   
43 07/07/2007  Renfe ETR 490 "Alaris" high speed train, Spain 1999   
44 17/07/2007  Highland Railway "duke"Class, GB 1874   
45 21/07/2007  Midland Railway "Spinner" 211, GB 1887   
46 28/07/2007  SNCF Autorail X 3800 "Picasso" , France 1950   
47 04/08/2007  Class 242 Confederaciòn, Steam 4-8-4 (RENFE),Spain 1956   
48 11/08/2007  Ludwigsbahn "Adler" 2-2-2 , Germany 1835   
49 20/08/2007  Andes Class 2-8-0 - Perù 1935  
50 31/08/2007  E.550 electric, Italy 1908   
51 06/09/2007  Via Rail LRC , Canada 1981   
52 13/09/2007  101-120 RFIRT, steam 2-10-2, Argentina 1956   
53 20/09/2007  Class 1100 electric, Holland 1950   
54 12/10/2007  Class BB 22200 electric, France 1976   
56 26/10/2007  Class 12 (SNCB) 4-4-2 , Belgium 1939   
57 30/10/2007  BB 9300 (SNCF) electric, France 1967   
58 07/11/2007  Class 55 DELTIC diesel electric, GB, 1961   
59 14/11/2007  class D51 2-8-2, Japan 1935   
60 21/11/2007  class Re 4/4 II electric, Switzerland 1864  
61 28/11/2007  P42 Genesis, diesel electric, USA 1996   
62 05/12/2007  Class 1047 (Magyar Allamvasutak), electric Hungary 2001     
63 12/12/2007  Class K4 Pennsylvania Railroad, steam 4-6-2 USA 1914   
64 19/12/2007  BOURBONNAIS (Paris-Lyon-Méditerranée PLM), steam 0-6-0, France 1854   
66 02/01/2008  Class 2130 Queensland Railways (Australia), disel electric, 1970   
67 09/01/2008  ICE3 Intercity Express 3 high speed train  Germany 1998   
68 16/01/2008  Class 1700, electric, Holland 1990   
69 02/02/2008  Class V, steam 4-4-0, Ireland 1932   
70 09/02/2008  Class 6E, electric,South Africa 1969  
71 16/02/2008  242A1, steam 4-8-4, France 1946   
72 23/02/2008  Class V60 DB, diesel Germany 1955   
74 08/03/2008  Class 1200, diesel electric, Portugal 1961   
75 15/03/2008  Class RE 6/6 II, electric, Swiss 1962   
76 22/03/2008  Class P, steam, Denmark 1907   
77 29/03/2008  Class L Remembrance, steam, GB 1914   
78 12/04/2008  Class 4E, electric, South Africa 1954   
79 12/04/2008  Class 103.1 electric Germany 1965  
81 07/05/2008  Class 01.10, steam  Germany 1935   
82 14/05/2008  1181 Vittorio Emanuele II, steam, Italy 1884  
83 09/06/2008  Shao Shao 8 (SS8), electric China 1994   
84 14/06/2008  Class E.424, electric Italy 1943   
85 21/06/2008  CC 72000, diesel-electric, France 1967   
86 28/06/2008  EP-2 Bipolar, electric, USA 1919   
87 07/07/2008  Class E 18, electric, Germany 1935   
88 12/07/2008  Class 11, Steam, Angola 1951   
89 19/07/2008  Class Q, Steam, New Zealand 1901   
90 28/07/2008  Class PS4, steam, USA 1926   
91 19/09/2008  Class Pt-47, steam , poland 1947   
92 27/09/2008  Duchess Class, Steam, GB 1933  
93 03/10/2008  Class C38, steam, Australia 1943   
94 22/09/2008  D.345, diesel electric, Italy 1974   
95 20/11/2008  Class RM, steam, China 1958   
96 29/11/2008  DB VT 172, diesel, Germany 1961   
97 06/12/2008  Claud Hamilton, steam GB 1900   
98 13/12/2008  Class Ml 4000/9000, diesel electric Germany 1961   
99 20/12/2008  Class EF210, electric, Japan 1996   
100 27/12/2008 Class P8 steam Germany

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Friday, 19 January 2018 offers a wide Range of Action Figures for all tastes and budgets,

We at eterniacollectables sell anything from care bears, star wars gi joe , transformers recently have had a huge demand for teenage mutant ninja turtles and marvel figures, our expertise is anything 80's , our main business in the 00's was just selling gi joe action force figures on ebay under a username ajaystoys, and easily the biggest seller in Europe.

just some of the many lines we sell:

  •  Masters of the Universe. ...
  •  Voltron. ...
  •  Star Wars. ...
  •  Marvel Heroes. ...
  •  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. ...
  •  Thundercats. ...
  •  Transformers. ...
  • G.I. Joe.Action force

Eterniacollectables soley sell via the internet we no longer have a brick and mortar shop as rents, business rates and theft were making our costs spiral out if control,

so now we can offer via our website and various other social media outlets such as a Youtube channel great deals as mostly cheaper than competors on Ebay and the High street Stores due to our low over heads and advertising support and revenue
The Walking Dead TV Rick Grimes 12-Inch Action Figure
so Basically our mission is to offer Action figures and collectibles to collectors at the cheapest prices possible , 

We ship Worldwide at cost we do not charge for time or packaging materials and our website automatically calculates and gives best postage costs possible.

I am a experience seller i have done Ebay before setting this Website up for around 15 ears , i know how to grade and pack items,  Unlike so many sellers i have purchased from on certain auction sites,  

We also if we do not have item in stock work as a affiliate for various other company's that sell and make some of the World's best Action Figure lines and sculptures such as Sideshow collectibles, Hot Toys which i have full confidence with that will give you great items with great service ( i am not a affiliate for Ebay just for reasons i don't believe they can guarantee me good service for my customers)

I hope you collectors can support me in this venture and in return i will carry n giving great prices with a great service, thankyou ..Eternia collectables 


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Friday, 28 April 2017

Ebay Sucks advice were to Buy old collectables toys cheap in bulk from Auction Houses

EBAY vs Traditional Auction Houses 

As the Biggest seller of toys and models on ebay uk in the 2000's how did i get all my stock ??

My name is Anthony and is this blog i will tell you a little about myself and why in the mid 2000's 
why i owned a very impressive house you know land scaped garden koi pond basically i lived the dream for good few years and this was because of eBay i earned a crazy amount of money and it was pretty easy if you keep to some strict rules  , but also the last few years have been hard also because of ebay and there crazy policy's of suspending big sellers over anything.

in this Blog i will tell you how i got my stock as while it may seem obvious to the people in the know it took me a few years doing the thrift stores car boot sales to get my stock then one day reading a newspaper article i went from a seller doing between £250-500 pounds a week on Ebay to on average £6,000 a week, and here is my top tip. 

basically i will say there are 5 top tips i used to get stock in this blog i want to explain the best way but here are the top 5 ways i got stock:

 Car boot sales

What i did is hit car boots in up market areas not the big ones in country bigger is not better, my best buys were at smaller rich areas the stories i could tell i would have people giving me stuff for free basically men sent out by wife's to make room for there Bentley cars etc, i was given a 1980's Haro bmx free by one bloke as he did not want it scratching his car in his garage i did buy a box of Lego and ave it me as i bought a lot from him,  , area i hit was Solihull in west midlands in England and luckily it was in walking distance my target was £1,000 worth of resale on eBay stock every week which i did easily 


yes seems a weird one never mentioned on forums but as i was a big seller people would trade me stuff and put me in contact with other dealers i got a lot of my stock from collectors who had gone round car boots them selves then swopped there findings for stuff they wanted from me 

Batman DC Comics Premium Format(TM) Figure


Thats correct i bought of eBay to resell but was a trick to doing this well two methods in today's market can not do as well as it did not back then, if you went onto eBay selected buy it now and newly listed you waited for new stuff to appear and if sellers had no idea what they were selling and price was to cheap you bought before anyone else saw it, also as i sold toys and action figures this was best way i bought things from countries like mexico and america you could not get in England ,what mean b this is i would by american exclusive gi joes and resell in England and buy rare he-man coloured figures from mexico very scarce outside mexico so would get premium money in my country then sell UK exclusive items to america , one year in England teletubbies was huge and we could not get them but in america they had loads, and in uk we had loads of singing elmo's and USA were going mad for them, so i just trading between countries what they wanted, big bucks can be made around Christmas doing this


What this was is i had several people who would travel across the uk and one client lived in isle of man which is a awesome place for collectables hold the TT races every year most of country is in the richer class of people basically most people have money or are rich and move there for tax reasons as tax is lower , what these people would do is buy items and send them to be to sort at and sell for a commission of 20 percent which back then ebay fee's were 5 percent so clients were happy paying 25% for me to get there items sold and send them the profit, amazing how many hoarders love buying but don't understand the internet if you can get contacts with hoarders car boot hunters pickers and be there outlet you can make big money

Auction Houses:

This was the best way i am lucky i live in Solihull in the United kingdom and i bought from a place called, aston auctioneers and Biddle and webb. 

sold toys and Vectis is biggest toy collectables place in the world stuff they get is mind blowing, the video above top of blog is about all of this seriously watch video if your a collector and understand why buying collectables on eBay is stupid go to links on my video save money time and get stuff cheap in bulk, 
the intention of the Video and blog was the make people aware of you do not have to go to eBay for collectables they get you in make you think your getting a good deal its all crap, 

i want collectors to get a good deal so basically do things i did especially Auction Houses to get stuff basically buy your stuff were the Ebay sellers do!!

go to links in my video and get stuff cheap its not a con i work for no one just make YouTube videos now and run my website


I do not recommend Ebay at all. i infact am disgusted by there practises how they ruin sellers lives who have bee doing eBay for years then get banned because of maybe a competitor complaint , ebay policy system stinks no common sense at all. 
i was a seller i got suspended , then eBay sent emails to my thousands of customers saying i was a bad seller and contact them for refund, i did nothing wrong i never sold fakes, stolen items, i bloody sold old toys for god sake, and the stories of items i got removed are a blog and video in itself yes i got power ranger toys taken of for looking like a sword, transformers taken off for looking like guns , toy cars removed as Hitler had one, just nuts!!! yes i got a message from ebay once accusing me of being a racist!!! for Christ sake 

Ebay short term is ok long term will ruin your life , yes sellers on there snigger i was a power seller 12 years at least experience 99.9% feedback, 
click to buy a copy
here is the issue with Ebay no one really mentions if you give 10 years of your time to them being self employed as your full time job, if or when Ebay ban you try getting a job afterwards is very hard as you have no employment history etc, Employees do not like Ebay down as your job!!!!!!!!!! 



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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

English Bull Terrier what to expect owning one honest truth

What to Expect Owning English Bull Terrier Dog Breed, The Pro's and Con's

Good Points:

  • Easy to maintain coat will not need much brushing , but i do recommend putting a oil based animal friendly ointment on the skin as they are prone to itching can get dry skin conditions, hair is similar to most short haired terriers but from my experience they do not malt anywhere as much as a Jack Russell.

  • Very loyal animals if you are a insecure or just a lonely person with no many friends one of these is will give you ore time and attention than several hundred so called Facebook friends

  • Whilst these dogs are pretty rough and muscular in appearance they actually understand who to be rough playful with and how just need loves,  not much is mentioned about this but these dogs are incredibly caring with babies and old people alike, my last English Bull terrier used to help my dad get down the stairs when he was to old to do it all by himself pretty incredible to see and i regret never doing a video whilst both my dog and dad were alive, and the reverse of this the same dog would sleep under my newborn babies cot and if my son was in distress always find us to make us aware.

 would go so to say and would love to do a charity taking these dogs to care homes there 

very emotional understanding dogs . they can read people very well infact to well!!
  • English Bullterrier is a dog that has to have company which has its advantages and disadvantages, a English Bullterrier attaches itself very strongly to people and other animals in its circle , so you get one as a puppy and have children cats etc, your new dog will automatically take itself on she or he is the mom or dad of that family, this is great as it will protect its inner circle till the end, but also you need to be a strong owner as if not your English Bullterrier will see you the owner as its understudy/child , sure bully owners know what i mean by this, a Bullterrier is a dominant strong willed dog there the boss!!! never get owned by one need to make sure from beginning who rules who 


  • Also a Bullterrier is pretty unusual dog breed if walking your dog, do understand you will get attention, this is a good thing i think , my partner is not good going out talking to people if you own or think of owning one of these people in the street/park will talk to you so helps with outside socialism , Basically this dog breed is a ice breaker, or even a chat up tool, yep having one of these is more powerful on the street than have a ferrari and alot cheaper !

  • English Bull Terriers sleep a lot, they will be OK in a flat , just take for good walk once a day and do not bark much they are pretty chilled out creatures, 

  • Strong dogs can take a lot of punishment from kids playing with them etc, i accidentally hit a golf ball of my dogs head and she just carried on walking, sure these dogs do not feel pain, and as a result will allo kids to play rough or cats they just give you a look like what you doing,  (THIS DOES NOT MEAN HURT THEM) , 
  • A Bull-terrier is stubborn lazy and mostly cant be bothered to lose its temper but warning if it does its pretty scary like with any strong dog, but Once my Bully fell out play fighting with my brothers Akita , was not nice i had to throw both dogs in my pond to stop them!! so do not wind one up that's all i am saying!


Bad Points:

  • Deafness in white colours as much as everyone really knows the white ones i would and have a Brindle coloured one, or get a tri-colour seem more healthier.

  • Very strong willed not for a roll over and die type of person, do not smack or hit these will make them worse , they learn more about taking away love from them, seriously smacking don't work they are hardly noticeable to pain, words hand gestures and love work better, 

  • The Reason these dogs have a bad name is idiots who like to think there gangsters like to own them and can not cope with there strong personalities and hit them, so they rebel and go out of control, simples, but yep hard when a Bull-terrier rips all your bed cloths of bed whilst spinning and jumping on your bed not to hit them, just take them outside in garden for some thinking time of the naughty step, these dogs are like kids !!

  • Bull terriers get emotionally attached , they are like that Foreign guy who adds to as a friend on Facebook, and keeps messaging you telling how pretty you are and just wont leave you alone, come on girls you know what i mean, unless its just my wife who gets this..

  • so if you have or get one may take a bit of time for one to accept someone new into your life, don't want to sound rude but ladies if you get a bully, then a new partner, bedtime may be tricky at the start as poor doggy thinks your getting hurt and don't like it, 

  • My bully will not tolerate any of its inner circle family getting hurt, 

  1. If you are a private person , or maybe even a drug dealer and do not want attention don't walk one down the road they get attention people will approach you and walks to shop start to take longer with people chatting to you, but said in earlier comment, this can be a positive meeting new people and making new relationships, i am sure a Bull Terrier is a better ice breaker than a polar bear !!
  • The Number one worst point of having a Bull terrier is knowing one day it will break your heart.

  •   Istill have not got over the last bull terrier passing away nearly 10 years ago i still get night terrors over it.., my partner says its because there angels and God wants them back, which does sound about right if there was someone up there.

Owning an English Bull Terrier, through the eyes of a 14 year old

Loki, our dog, can be a lot of work sometimes, at times she can be clingy. Sometimes she nibbles my feet, it doesn't hurt it can be just very annoying. 

However, sometimes she can be cute and playful,
Also, she is very obedient, she listens to what your saying and understands and normally if you say things like 'sit' and she understands what you're saying. 

Bull Terriers can be mischievous, naughty and cheeky, for example she has 'accidents' around the house which is very annoying. But she is still very loving so you overlook those kind of things. 

Overall, a English Bull Terrier is a very good companion to have and will not let you down...

specialists in selling vintage and modern collectables such as Diecast models Toys Action figures etc why not check us out 


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Sunday, 12 March 2017 Experts in all things collectable, selling, reviewing and writing guides

Eterniacollectables : Who are we ? 
What is our mission and what services do we provide ?

Eternia Collectables Toy & collectables Website Birmingham uk,


Transformers The Last Knight Optimus Prime Premium Scale Fig is a collectables store that sells Toys, Model Diecast cars, Action figure, Books, Ceramics, Ephemhia, Antiques, Art and anything that collectors may collect we sell allsorts for all tastes and all budgets we are a Website based in Birmingham UK,

I am a expert in anything collectable from the 1970's -1990's period i have been dealing in collectables mainly retro toys for just over 25 years at Toy Fairs, Ebay and mail order (Before feebay we used classifieds in collector magazines) and we run several Youtube channels helping collectors out with valuations and reviews.

We sell retro action figures such as Transformers, Star wars, Action Force, Masters of the Universe and most the awesome 1980's toy brands and series.

One of a main and most popular category is our collectable Diecast Model cars, trains and planes all the classic brands like Matchbox, Corgi, Solido, Minichamps and much more,

Basically my mission with this Website is to offer and sell collectables worldwide at the cheapest prices possible and hopefully in the upcoming years grow and help other collectors by allowing them to list on my site at a fraction of what eBay charge but that's for the future if i gain the support from all you collectors out there,

I did eBay for over fifteen years and like so many sellers aswell as buyers  became frustrated with eBay and felt we were just money machines and no loyalty just more rules and fee's implied on us,  they just forgot there core customers and sellers and who made them become so well loved back in the early 2000's now i major number of them same customers spend time doing Blogs in disgust about them ( never bite the hand that feeds you)

So i know a lot of people have left eBay the sellers who think practises judgements and fee's not even mentioning stress of eBay messages , blackmail 24 hrs a day being suspended for no real reason maybe a address you moved too or competitor notifying eBay about you falsely yes this is a common tactic on eBay,

Then the buyers who have to go through pages of fake shipped from china items just to finally after maybe a hour if not already given up to find what you want!

So my plan was no more Ebay 15 years of building a massive customer base to get suspended for reasons they will not honestly tell me. 15 years of selling toys not drugs or weapons but second hand toys...they asked me for my passport accounts etc provided everything but still banned urm!!!! loyalty zero, and i had 99.9%  feedback over 200,000 feedback and a top rated power seller ,

So i thought to myself after eBay gave me a funny phone call asking me why i am not doing eBay anymore as i was doing so well.
I had to explain you suspended me, i decided i can not risk ever doing eBay like this ever again as i had shop four staff and eBay stopped this and lost five people there jobs at a click of a button,

I would start up this website and my various Youtube channels as i was paying up to 4,000 pounds a month in  seller fee's and they had cheek to put adverts on my listings so earning even more from me than just my final value fee's

So i thought if i do you tube and my own website i can earn from advertising and money i earn helps running costs of the website so basically no costs which means i can sell things cheaper than i ever did on eBay,

Basically what we do to make our products so cheap is to work as affiliates for many large companies such as Amazon, Build a Bear, Toys R Us , Alibaba , wholesale diecast, Abe Books, sideshow collectibles plus loads more major websites ,

What this means is is search the Internet for great deals and offers on items we think matches your Interest and hope you will like and purchase and if you do we earn a little commission which helps our running and stock costs and unlike Ebay we pass savings onto our customers ,

Many collectors think my prices are to good to be true on many items but this is why i honestly want to stop collectors getting ripped off my major corporations who have taken advantage of us over the years.

I hope you the collectors support me in this mission and stop these evil corporations stealing our well hard earned money.  and us collectors and sellers can put this passion  back in our own hands once again.

Basically Fellow collectors my mission here is to try and get all my previous eBay customers back via this website and offer the great deals i once did on my eBay Ajaystoys and lokicollectables sites ...

Also this website is in early stages of being built it gets updated daily which new stock listed every day
i accept cheques (uk only)
Bank Transfers and Paypal


Well i don't think this company needs no introduction really, easily one of the best websites in the world to buy items from may in be a book, a toy or even a phone charger,

What i like about Amazon is there customer service and the page layout unlike eBay the navigation and ease to find items is simple none of this endless pages of duplicated Chinese imported stuff .

I will say Amazon on collectables tends to be a bit more expensive then eBay but the sellers are more trustworthy , but things like books electronics are very cheap compared to High Street stores there certainly worth checking out and they do great deals such as free Amazon prime with purchases on selected items and free postage,

A Global giant that deserves its place in the e commerce retail world, as much as us small sellers may complain they did what we all dreamt of doing dethroning ebay!!!....

One of the most awesome and connected with its customers companies out there,
I love this company not just the  most truly amazing creations of real life realistic looking sculptures and action figures they make

Also the way the staff and management act , the company reminds me of a artists college full of cool dudes but with great business sense,

They saw a gap in the market and realises adults have more money to buy toys than kids do, so went around making the most accurate looking replica pieces of pop culture collectibles with the notion money is no object in the way of perfection..

Honestly checkout my link to this company its breath taking how talented these people are prices do appear more than the usual action figure but normal action figures don't look like what sideshow sell

you also have to be fast to purchase there items they sell out very fast..
as they are made in very low run can even buy a full size Star Wars Boba Fett figure from them if you are a person who happens to have eight thousand dollars spare,

May it be books your after rare, textbook unusual you name it Abebooks are sure to have it basically the ebay of books this website offers great value on anytNew & Secondhand Textbooks at book related from various sellers and book stores from around the world i highly recommend this site another of my favourite websites for that weird book your odd ball mate would love as a birthday present, or maybe a family member studying i have bought several medical books for a family member from this site at always been extremely happy with service I've received.

Abebooks sell both bargain textbooks for students but also rare first editions costing several hundred pounds so something for all tastes and budgets.
be sure to check them out ..

ALIBABA is one of the newest favourite websites and companies ,

I had a interview for McDonalds a little time back and one of the questions was what company do you admire the most and respect and to be honest its jack ma the founder of alibaba a very inspirational fellow indeed,

what he did was basically build a company that now most the products you see on eBay come from his website, very clever man indeed

If any one reads his story seriously this guy applied for 30 jobs and got rejected by all included fast food restaurants ,
as if Mcdonalds would think they inspire me get of your high horse i hate Mcdonalds, any man who worked for free to be around English speakers to learn there language its a wise man ,

His company is just brilliant basically its mostly for bulk purchasing items so if you are a retailer on Amazon or eBay this company puts you in contact with factory's which produce the products so you can by direct from factory before it even hits eBay or Amazon,

So prices are very cheap and you can barter with companies to get even cheaper prices you can even send companies uploaded designs of your own ideas and they will build it,

 A brilliant website may take a minute or two to fully understand if you not been on it before ,
Transformers The Last Knight Optimus Prime Premium Scale Fig
The image link i have given is for alibaba's aliexpress website basically a Asian (Chinese) very cheap online shopping mall prices are unbelievable and many items are cutting edge shipping very cheap or even free.

Its certainly worth checking out currently one of the most searched sites in the world has been huge in Asia for a while but thankfully its getting huge everywhere....

Seriously there is no point eBay existing with this website this site is better and cheaper to buy Chinese imported items anything from watches, toys, cloths anything really you want

Many thanks for taking time to read this Blog we have made here at in selling vintage and modern collectables such as Diecast models action figures books and more why not check us out 


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tel:0121 608 6078

Also on our website my partner makes and sells custom jewellery and spiritualist products see below


Hello my name is JoanneClare this is my Specialist business page where I sell all spiritual items that I make using my favourite beauties gems and crystals...
all at affordable prices

I'm also a Master in Reiki Healing so all of my crystals come to you cleansed and Reiki charged all of my items i make i try to keep to an affordable price for all to have a chance on owning crystals really are a girls best friend!
these are the things that are stocked on this page..
We are based in Birmingham in the UnitedKingdom but do ot dear we ship worldwide in a fast secure and affordable manner ,

Aswell as selling our own products we also are affiliates for many reputable online retailers such as Aliexpress Amongst many others

So if you see any links or images you are interested in the please just click on them for more information or better still to purchase the item.
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John James Thomson reviewed Love & Light shop – 5 star
beautiful soul with amazing ideas. such outstanding kindness i love all the the items.
one love and keep up the good work
Julie Alfone reviewed Love & Light shop – 5 star
22 October at 15:10 · 
Once again I am left speechless with t he absolute beautiful order I recieved today from the love & light shop. First order was a beautiful caged crystal for myself ..second was a special order ..once my children saw mine I had one made for each of them ..the quality and craftmanship the love and time put in each one she even went as far as giving each thier own birth crystal along with a handwritten card on what each crystal's power was 💗 my special made one of a kind dream catcher absolutely love it ..
custom made just for Billy Couch 
I have been expecting packages all week and i opened my p.o. box and my ❤ almost lept from. My chest
I knew immediately what it was
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