Tuesday, 6 February 2018 is it a unstoppable business or could it fail ? is it making the same mistake as eBay does and putting sales before ethics 

I actually am an affiliate seller for Amazon and  I enjoy the  side of  the business I do for them, I do not sell myself on Amazon or work for them directly, but I do have concerns as I put a lot of work into Amazon and feedback I have had recently about them from my own customers is worrying, 

I work with a lot of companies reviewing products such as sideshow collectables which all I ever get is praise for that company and products service they provide so it's not people directing hate at my business is what i tend to promote on that blog youtube video webpage etc,  

I blankly refuse to promote or sell anything for eBay due to how myself and my customers feel about eBay as most my customers I have are ex eBay users who won't use there site anymore so come to me for help finding collectables thereafter I am unsure how much research big corporations do on disgruntled customers and ex-employees

I watch a lot of youtube videos on company's businessmen there ethics dreams etc,

Richard Branson in an interview bangs on about a business is built ground up not top first, 

I highly recommend anyone watch history of Jack Ma and how he learnt English put up with eBay trying to ruin him which funnily now he could buy eBay with his spare change but does not want to lol, He even proved the Chinese Government wrong as his thinking was so before anything was understood, even a business show tried to humiliate him on the BBC saying come on jack you think you can make money off the internet, 

He is so correct greed will not in the long-term win, nearly every big company out there has had a disgruntled ex-employee has left and done what companies there worked for never listened to and caused havoc to business, we all know Steve Jobs was sacked from Apple then gained control again, this happened with Mattel and Hasbro toy companies with boss's not listening to them someone going elsewhere and gaining huge contracts from underneath there previous boss's

well in my days of being very successful and running a company, I had the best workforce I could have dreamt for and in return, my staff bent over backwards to make my company work my staff would shout at me to give them more work,

I paid them a weekly salary all drinks etc free I provided canteen etc was just a kitchen, we had a dog yes we did , I had music tv is it helped one staff member used to sit in a room listening to star trek on the table whilst packing orders and by golly he was fast, my staff were happy was like a home environment, happy staff are good staff nit staff who rubbish your brand, steal from you or take your ideas ,

I had 4 staff on average we did 550 -800 orders a week, my staff were also mature 40-60 years old this as I saw with my dads business is a real crucial bit of the puzzle, mature staff is the key, younger school leavers take sick days don't come in or drunk or stoned and younger staff think they know everything and tend to think they can steal your ideas and do business themselves, not saying all young staff are bad but from my experience and seeing y dads business young girls on phones all the time  then get sacked , but older workers tend to have better work ethic and manners, (p.s I am under 40 not saying this because I am old) also most boss's would cringe with net idea I did if work was all done and staff had done an amazing job I would close office friday go take them for a meal and let them go home after....

my staff as I say we're like a big happy family we even built a koi garden together in our breaks was a good time I fondly miss but I decided to have a family and be a dad instead of working like I did.

So this brings me to, great looking company great website loved the way they came along and destroys eBay, but do we all remember when we loved eBay before they ripped us off with hiking fee's mistreated us with suspensions etc etc, us sellers we basically eBay's staff and if your an unhappy eBay seller-buyer would you buy off them again, after 12 years on eBay buying and selling i would never use them again, so the once mighty have fallen,

I have same worries about Amazon and this is my theory how they could fail if a serious problem is not addressed as all another company has to come along and do amazons format but with better work practices,   how many people say I love my amazon job, Google Disney and toy company's seem to be were employees enjoy to work,

Basically Amazon has an incredibly high staff turn over what they do is hire staff through agencies in the hundreds and thousands each week then, cherry pick the best staff and let go the others, you go look in a job search thousands of jobs, average to low pay crazy hours just read reviews, then good chance let go afterwards, modern-day slavery ,

so each week such a high sacking/letting go rate of employees then the undercover exposure on the inner workings of Amazon being shown on television,

I was offered a job from but declined after reading reviews on Glassdoor and watching a documentary on fulfilment centres 

if you are a sacked employee or an unhappy one regardless of what company it was, would you use that company? the answer must be no surely, so every week Amazon get rid of staff that don't, make the grade or had been ill or whatever other crazy reason was given,

so, in theory, every week amazon are instead of making staff want to buy from them make them hate them then tell friends, family, not to use, over a year if I had numbers and stats would be an absurd amount of lost sales,

As I say I am an affiliate for Amazon so want them to succeed but I have received several messages from my subscribers asking me why I am advertising a billion dollar business like Amazon I should be ashamed of myself, honestly i get messages like that, so must be some angry people out there,

also its not just the sacked staff that causes amazon issues bit also people who were amazon sellers and affiliates that had accounts closed, they will not by from amazon anymore so amazon I think is repeating error of ebay and concentrating so much on sales they are forgetting who runs amazon trust me its not jeff bezos its all workers in offices, factories affiliates and sellers in bedrooms across the world, you upset them they revolt ,,,,its happened since man was created throughout history, if you are a king or a Ceo keep your people happy !!!!!

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