Sunday, 4 February 2018

lego minifigures price guides and collection guides

Lego Minifigure Price Guides Valuations on actual sold realised prices on y personnel youtube channel made various lego price guides showing current valuations and character names in the series , some videos are a couple of years old so i intend to make new updated price guides on my eternia collectables business page in 2018 and i know many non british viewers were confused with the pound prices as many only understood dollars so my new lists will include multiple currencies with full sound 

All our lego price guides are based on actual sold prices not dealers asking crazy prices and never selling anything so i believe it to be a very accurate guide unlike so many price guides i have purchased in the past with crazy inflated prices, 

One rule of selling collectibles is its only worth what someone is willing to pay not what a book tells you its worth...there is a difference with a insurance valuation and a actual selling price, 

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