Friday, 19 January 2018 offers a wide Range of Action Figures for all tastes and budgets,

We at eterniacollectables sell anything from care bears, star wars gi joe , transformers recently have had a huge demand for teenage mutant ninja turtles and marvel figures, our expertise is anything 80's , our main business in the 00's was just selling gi joe action force figures on ebay under a username ajaystoys, and easily the biggest seller in Europe.

just some of the many lines we sell:

  •  Masters of the Universe. ...
  •  Voltron. ...
  •  Star Wars. ...
  •  Marvel Heroes. ...
  •  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. ...
  •  Thundercats. ...
  •  Transformers. ...
  • G.I. Joe.Action force

Eterniacollectables soley sell via the internet we no longer have a brick and mortar shop as rents, business rates and theft were making our costs spiral out if control,

so now we can offer via our website and various other social media outlets such as a Youtube channel great deals as mostly cheaper than competors on Ebay and the High street Stores due to our low over heads and advertising support and revenue
The Walking Dead TV Rick Grimes 12-Inch Action Figure
so Basically our mission is to offer Action figures and collectibles to collectors at the cheapest prices possible , 

We ship Worldwide at cost we do not charge for time or packaging materials and our website automatically calculates and gives best postage costs possible.

I am a experience seller i have done Ebay before setting this Website up for around 15 ears , i know how to grade and pack items,  Unlike so many sellers i have purchased from on certain auction sites,  

We also if we do not have item in stock work as a affiliate for various other company's that sell and make some of the World's best Action Figure lines and sculptures such as Sideshow collectibles, Hot Toys which i have full confidence with that will give you great items with great service ( i am not a affiliate for Ebay just for reasons i don't believe they can guarantee me good service for my customers)

I hope you collectors can support me in this venture and in return i will carry n giving great prices with a great service, thankyou ..Eternia collectables 


Many thanks for taking time to read this Blog we have made here at
specialists in selling vintage and modern collectables such as Diecast models Toys Action figures etc why not check us out 


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Druids Heath
West Midlands
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