Thursday, 19 February 2015

LEGO MARVEL AVENGERS & avengers assemble minifigure price guide 2015

Lego Marvel Avengers & Avengers assemble minifigure

 Price Guide 

With the release of the new avengers the age of ultron movie which is sure to be one of the summers blockbusters ,
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These lego minifigures are from the first avengers movie figures
i am pretty sure most kids and grown ups for that matter will be all over the new awesome lego minifigures from the series, so here is my list and just how much to expect to pay for these little plastic figures
so in Video above is my price guide checklist all about the lego marvel avengers minifigures by lego you can collect hulk, wolverine,spider-man,iron man thor and many more super hero minifigures

some of these little plastic figures are pretty valuable
but with items of value and collectability comes the bootlegs so whilst i a ok with cheaper items watch out you do not buy anything for a large amount of disgraceful sites like ebay and find out you bought a fake from china..
Ebay knows this is going on but still lets these asian sellers set up uk accounts and rip us and Lego company off..

only a small article blog as all the information is in the youtube video above so just click on it and watch it to learn more about these lego avenger figures

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thanks Anthony (the boss)

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