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Top 100 Lego Most valuable Rarest Expensive Lego figures Minifigs List most rare

what is the rarest most Expensive 

Lego Minifigure ?

The top 100 most valuable Lego figures 2015 Edition 


By Eternia collectables (Anthony jones)

Well like most things this is up for debate and who you believe. 
Most lists people and price guides go by is asking prices but this is something i don;t agree with from my 25 years of selling somethings only worth what someone is willing to pay, so this list is based on reality not dreamers on Feebay asking dreamer prices , 
Lego for sale

Every Lego minifigure in my list is based on actual sold prices and was researched over a 6 monthly period to get a average as a figure could sell for twenty pounds then next day thirty pounds then maybe some mad person pays 50 pounds so three different prices so average price of the three figures sold would be 33 pounds or dollars etc 

Some figures maybe so rare they never have Actually been up for resale so is no actual collector price (such as 24kt gold boba fett technically its priceless) , 

But that does not mean they would not make my list if i or other collectors knew about them.
The top 100 list i researched from completed listed on and eBay (mainly brick-link as prices are more accurate as most dealers charge same cheap postage unlike eBay with dealers asking 99p a item but a fiver postage, 

So eBay does not reflect well going on there prices!! as seller postage prices can be free or to the extreme Ebay is a mess hence is going down the shitter with bot sellers and buyers jumping ship to Amazon etc

i made this list in 2014 and is pretty surprising and yes if in 2015 i redid the list comic con spider-man and more comic con figures would make list and Lego deadpool would be high on the list as that figure is very hot at the moment due to film coming out soon and lego marvel heroes xbox game his in..

my list has mr gold on it but unlike most people reckon he is not the most valuable figure the marvel comic con figures are getting more money as there just so near impossible to get hold off as there not for sale and you have to do various things to get one and still that most times is not enough....rarest figure at time of writing this blog i reckon is spider-women or at least top 10
anyway enjoy my list took me days to research and make !!!

Since making list have been informed of a 24 karat gold star wars Boba Fett and i am sure some rich person out there has asked for a diamond one !!
Lego now has a massive collectors market and Lego collectors from what i heard are amongst the wealthiest of people who collect , ( except maybe the nut jobs who pay millions for scribbles on canvases that they call art ) so Lego do make exclusive items or very limited that we the normal folk do not get to see .

This video was made in 2015 and with more comic con exclusives and the ultra rare 24kt Gold Boba Fett, which i would now make number 1 i my list as only two were made there are no confirmed secondary sold price for this figure but from my experience of rich Lego collectors i could easily see this figure making over 10,000 pounds
I will this year make a new in depth better updated list with sound of the Top rarest 100 Minifigures

Many thanks for reading my blog and please watch my youtube video with prices at beginning of my article , 

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