Thursday, 19 February 2015

LEGO COWBOYS INDIANS PRICE GUIDE western theme minifigures rarest most expensive

Lego country and western themed Lego sets called western series

How expensive rare and valuable are these minifigures ?

This Lego  line was so cool, released in the 90's i believe, contained bandits , Indian chiefs, Calvary civil period type soldiers , wooden forts and gold mines , one of my favorite Lego lines.

Fortress Legorado
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I personally owned most of these but i bought most as a adult from car boot sales and got missing pieces from
I have made a price guide video showing all the characters from the western series and there names along with how much there worth today on the collectors market.

There are some pretty rare ones in the wester series but are any amongst the rarest Lego minifigures ever made, why not click on my video i made for my youtube channel and find out ?, ( video below)
 Its very good selling lego there are many friendly forums and the money you make can be rewarding yet time and room consuming,

you can buy job lots on the internet especially online auction sites tho i no Longer recommend Ebay  and part out on a site called ,
BUT Beware who you buy bulk lego from on ebay hence i do not recommend ,

Most Lego sellers are dealers they remove rare parts and minifigures and leave you with a pile of parts that look amazing,
 seen this recently done at a auction house in the uk a huge amount of star wars lego in boxes, maybe i was only one who checked inside boxes NO MINIFIGURES AT ALL,
 who ever won the collection paid hundreds upon hundreds to get the lot., its how dealers are making money buying sets taking figures out then reselling set without figures be careful who you buy from only buy if you know figures are present
if it is not there could cost a fortune buying a replacement

 If a ebay seller says think its there all complete but unchecked, go see there other listings amazing how many sellers list a pile of lego like this then have a few auctions with just figures..

.If your going to do this sellers on Feebay at least wait till you sell all the job lots of loose stuff...greedy people are usually the foolish people.
pretty amazing how popular Lego is right now only last week Lego was announced as the most powerful company brand wow and there plastic !!


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