Thursday, 19 February 2015

LEGO INDIANA JONES PRICE GUIDE minifigures toys most expensive

The Indiana Jones Lego Minifigure Collection of figures rarity's and what they're worth .............

The Above youtube video i made shows the characters and their prices just how rare or expensive to buy are these on the collector's market some are pretty valuable.

At the time of writing this Blog there were fourty four Indiana Jones Themed minifigures to collect which the full list of figures made are as follows:


  1. Airplane Mechanic
  2. Akator Skeleton
  3. Cairo Swordsman (7195)
  4. Cairo Thug (7195)
  5. Cemetery Warrior
  6. Colonel Dovchenko
  7. Elsa Schneider
  8. German Soldier 1
  9. German Soldier 2
  10. German Soldier 3
  11. German Soldier 4
  12. German Soldier 5
  13. Grail Guard
  14. Henry Jones Sr. - Dark Bluish Gray Pith Helmet
  15. Henry Jones Sr. - Dark Tan Pith Helmet
  16. Indiana Jones
  17. Indiana Jones - Gray Suit
  18. Indiana Jones - Open Shirt (7195)
  19. Indiana Jones - Open Shirt, Open-Mouth Grin
  20. Indiana Jones - Open-Mouth Grin
  21. Indiana Jones - White Tuxedo Jacket
  22. Irina Spalko
  23. Jock
  24. Kazim
  25. Marion Ravenwood - Red and White Cairo Outfit (7195)
  26. Marion Ravenwood - Tan Outfit (7625)
  27. Marion Ravenwood - White Outfit
  28. Mola Ram
  29. Mutt Williams
  30. Pilot (7628)
  31. Rene Belloq
  32. Russian Guard 1
  33. Russian Guard 2
  34. Russian Guard 3
  35. Satipo
  36. Shanghai Gangster Grin
  37. Shanghai Gangster Moustache
  38. Short Round
  39. Temple Guard 1
  40. Temple Guard 2
  41. Ugha Warrior with Hair
  42. Ugha Warrior without Hair
  43. Willie Scott
  44. Willie Scott - Sacrificial Outfit

Hope this checklist helps people out a little all prices i mention in my video are in United Kingdom pounds but easily to convert prices if you google your country's currency

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