Thursday, 19 February 2015

LEGO Disney Princess minifigure price guide frozen little mermaid etc most expensive rare list

Lego Disney Princess Minifigures Series

who is the rarest most expensive valuable lego minifigure ?

Who does not love the animated Disney Movies and Female Heroines from films such as

Disney Figures
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 Frozen, The little Mermaid, Cinderella or my favourite Belle from The Beauty and the Beast  and of course many more Characters this new line by Lego and Disney is awesome a really good kids toy aimed for girls but to be honest boys love these too,

The frozen sets and minifigures are extremely popular and i do not think it will be long before there amongst the rarest most valuable Lego figures to find certainly good investments for collectors !!

I love Ariel from little mermaid and Elsa from frozen anyway please watch my video it shows you all the princess figures and characters and how much they will cost to buy are for sale on horrible site called eBay or better still go to better than eBay for lego


Thankfully Amazon are teaching them a long overdrew lesson and Amazon have a good selection of sets for sale will put link search bar below for anyone wanting to buy any )


Like i have said in other blogs I have wrote regarding Lego,
 the prices for lego is just to much money for most families in England to afford and if families in England can not afford then certainly only a small percentage of people in the world can afford these new lego sets ,

so while i don't agree with what Chinese government allows , a Country called China will i have no doubt come to everyone's rescue like they have with the Marvel, Turtles , Star Wars,Toy Story and Hobbit lego lines and they make very good copies and fill the eCommerce websites like ebay , amazon and others with basic carbon copies at a fraction of the price called something like zego ,

My little boy had some Toy Story copies his mom bought him thinking they were lego and i was amazed how good they were !!
So unsure why lego needs to charge these £200-£300 prices for castle sets when china can do similar if not almost exact for 10% of that cost...and unlike in the 80's and 90's when China was a laughing stock for making junk, most the precision highly detailed model cars action figures come from china now , and there 3d printing machinery is just mind blowing they have 3d printers that print and paint pro painted mass produced figures all done on computer.

To see these really nice new lego princess minifigures just click my video i made below for my youtube channel , shows you characters from films like frozen with there names and prices and has sound , thanks and enjoy

Lego Disney Princess Minifigure Checklist

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