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star wars lego vintage classic era minifigure price guide 1977-1983 (2015)

Lego Star Wars Characters what are they worth and what are there names ?

1977-1983 Star wars Lego Trilogy figures 

Lego star wars when it first came out was not that popular i still remember the smaller 2 minifigure sets in the discounts shops for £3.00 each and the warehouses were only paying 75p for them,

 how times change boba fett from the early series now goes for a small fortune, i could go on a buy luke jedi figures for as little as 30p each ,and Jabba the Hutt only cost just under three pounds to buy now lucky if you can find them for twenty pounds,  

Back in 2015 i made a youtube video with indepth research it to what the minifigures based on the new hope empire strikes back and return of the jedi movies , the days of picking these up for pennies has well gone, 

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In this blog/youtube video at top of the page i have researched via various online sold prices bricklink database to give accurate prices of sold completed transactions (not what dealers are asking but actually getting for the star wars minifigures , 

For non die hard collectors it may be a complete shock how much the minifigures from the cloud base are worth such as printed knees boba fett , these prices are not a typing error they actually sell for these prices 

Hence so many chinese and 3d printed fakes have entered the market place, Ebay is full of fakes and i would not recommend anyone buy from there unless from a trusted seller which is hard to do as ebay banned most of them for retail outlets and chinese dealers..

Prices are listed in GBP which is basically British pounds for your countries currency just put into google pounds equals and put your currency such as pounds equals dollars
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