Saturday, 18 April 2015

LEGO NINJAGO minifigures characters names price guide checklist

2015 ninjago price guide minifigures

What are Lego  Ninjago characters called and if you wish to collect them just how much do you have to expect to pay for these modern era Lego Minifigures ?

I made a video on youtube back in 2015 listing all the current figures and there current valuations so basically a price guide who's who of Lego Ninjago , 

Since i made this list Ninjago has become even more popular even a Movie has been released so are more figures now, 

So were do you get figures from and which companies do i recommend ? 

If you are after just single figures spare arts etc not the entire sets them the answer is simple go to and register i am not trying to sell you anything i do not get paid by them for telling you this but its quite simply the most amazing lego buying website and much cheaper than ebay infact i used to buy of to resell on ebay. and i ran a business on bricklink for many years before i had kids of my own and was no longer a practical business to have with kids lol. 

Great deals on Lego Ninjago from just click for great offers
Another choice i would highly recommend are for great prices on anything lego and again a better much safer alternative to buying from ebay please just click image to right  for fantastic offers on both sets and single ninjago lego toys

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