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Lego classic Ninja minifigures how much are they worth today ?

Lego made some i think quite cool ninja/samurai related sets in the late 1990's early 2000 most around 1998-2000 i guess a asian themed castle type series so instead of nights and castles samurai's and fortresses 

Based upon 16th century Japan the series is no longer around was discontinued in 2000 but is similar in some ways to the modern Ninjago series

i really liked this line and the minifigures are still pretty reasonable in price to pick up 
Scooby doo lego 

Also this line was very useful for the geeks out there who like making custom Lego minifigures pretty awesome for turning into gi joe characters, yes i need pretended my white ninja minifigure was storm shadow and the red one jinx lol, 

In this blog you will find a youtube video i made naming all the characters and how much they are worth researched using actual sold prices not like usual price guides that go by what dealers ask so my list is accurate and researched at the top of the page, 

The Following sets were issued containing the following Minifigures:

1099 Ninja Blaster - Green Ninja Robber 
1184 Ninja Blaster - Green Ninja Robber 
1185 Mini River Ninja - Bonsai 1
1186 Mini Siege-Cart Ninja -  Blue Ninja Shogun 
1187 Glider -  Ito 
1269 White Ninja -  White Ninja Princess 
3016 Ninja Blaster -  Green Ninja Robber 
3017 Mini River Ninja -  Bonsai 
3018 Mini Siege-Cart Ninja -  Blue Ninja Shogun 
3019 Gray Ninja - Ito 
3050 Shanghai Surprise -  2 Red Ninjas, White Ninja Shogun 
3051 Blaze Attack -  2 Red Ninjas 
3052 Ninja's Fire Fortress -  2 Red Ninjas, Ninja Master 
3053 Emperor's Stronghold -  White Ninja Princess, White Ninja Shogun, 2 Red Ninjas 
4805 Ninja Knights -  Blue Samurai 2, Blue Ninja Shogun, Ito, Bonsai, Green Ninja Robber. 
6013 Samurai Swordsman -  Blue Ninja Shogun 
6033 Treasure Transport -  Ito, Green Ninja Robber, Brown Ninja Robber 
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6045 Ninja Surprise -  Bonsai, Green Ninja Robber, Brown Ninja Robber 
6083 Samurai Stronghold -  Bonsai, Blue Ninja Shogun, Blue Samurai 2 
6088 Robber's Retreat - Minifigures: Bonsai (x2), Green Ninja Robber, Blue Samurai 2 
6089 Stone Tower Bridge -  Bonsai, Ito, Blue Ninja Shogun, Green Ninja Robber, Blue Samurai 2 6093 Flying Ninja Fortress - Minifigures: Bonsai, Ito, Brown Ninja Robber, Blue Samurai 1, Blue Samurai 2 (x2), Blue Ninja Shogun, Pirate Skeleton 
3344 Ninja 1 -  Red Ninja Shogun 
3345 Black Ninja and 2 Robbers -  Bonsai, Red Samurai 1, Red Samurai 2 
3346 Green Ninja & Samurai Lord -  White Ninja Shogun (without armour), Green Ninja, Green Ninja Princess 
3074 Red Ninja's Dragon Glider -  Red Ninja 
3075 Ninja Master's Boat -  Red Ninja Master 
3076 White Ninja's Attack Cart -  White Ninja Princess 
3077 Ninja Shogun's Small Fort -  White Ninja Shogun 

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