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top 10 best dogs to own ever for loyalty companionship

Top 10 Dogs to own  for loyalty love and companionship 

So many nice dogs in the world so hard to choose all but here is my list of the top 10 dogs to own for loyalty and companionship, not dogs for fashion accessories but for families and owners to love! and get loved back from.

Just a little Disclaimer this is my personnel views from owning dogs visiting shows there are many other dogs who are not on this list such as a spaniels  and i am incredibly fond of westland terriers which has to be the ideal dog for the more mature person. and red setters are just adorable and dispute media being very bad to dobermans i am yet to meet a nasty one,

In all honesty a dog is what you put into it if you love it and it respects you in return even toy breeds of dogs can be nice i think,

I myself have always had terrier breeds as a child we had a jack russell and a big red shaggy dog , actually pretty funny to see the film life of pets as my dogs were just like the two main characters.

Alot of the thinking i have put into this list which as i say is my choice everyone thinks there dog is the best! was from how dogs act with owners when i am out with my own dog ,

My dog is a pretty strong lump of a dog and incredibly laid back and its quite shocking how often she gets attacked by other dogs mainly because they feel threatened by her, infact i will not let my dog off the lead if i see Yorkshire terriers and media thinks pit bulls are evil..

So which dog breeds finally made it into my basically top 10 must own dogs !!

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  • #3 Old English Mastiff 
Ok not everyone can own one of these there huge but to be honest i think you would struggle to find a better companion including husbands and wifes, these dogs are amazing and in all my time visiting dog shows over the years these stand out over the other dogs for a variety of reasons,  you know ou see a pola bear and just want to cuddle it but know you will get eaten will next best thing a mastiff huge cuddle monsters, and will happily give you a shower with there big wet mouths , just such cool super friendly creatures 
  • #2 The English Bull Terrier 
Why would i put a vicious nasty Brut of a dog like this on my list and so high ?
well have you ever meet one  ?  if you hav'nt then you like so many people proberly judge this dog on its meat head looks and what you think you have heard about this breed my wife was the same she meet me and was shocked my my dog at the time a mongrel half german shepherd half bull terrier, 

when she passed i was lets say a little lost, so my wife knew i always wanted a english bull terrier but was very reluctant to own one as so many people are they must be one of the most misjudged breeds . which is some ways in nice if you get one its like finding a diamond in the rough you expect a big strong guard dog to protect you and instead you end up with a pussy cat that jumps and bounces around like a deer. but do not get me wrong a bull terrier will protect its family and pack to the end if it has to, 

 owning a English Bull terrier will make you smile , i have often said to my wife we should open a business taking bull terriers into nursing homes and into depression clinics as a bull terrier just finds that way to make everything better !! its hard to discribe but i am sure if any bull terrier owners are reading this they know what i mean.  something not often mentioned is a bull terrier is very caring and it knows how to be with different people , example kids incredibly gentle , women very protective, old usally very careful my dog used to help my dad down the stairs , 
i am also unsure were this idea there thick comes from , bull terriers are not thick do not be fooled by that , i would say the opposite yes do not expect one to do dancing videos or roll over , a bull terrier is more intelligent in the way it thinks and can get what it needs from different people , and they usually always get what they want as a result. i think the idea of it being think comes from it being very very clownish , my dog has knocked her self out once and dazed herself several times from spinning into objects, 

i can not say this enough if your after a family dog thats great with babies yes great mine used to sleep under the cot to keep a ear out for our little boy,  only thing i would say with a dog like this with babies or young children is they are big and incredibly loving a bull terrier will mother the baby and protect it which can mean dog accidentally trading or sitting on them.  trea one of these like just one of the kids and it will be the best family member ever, these dogs love there family so much, never leave them in kennels or put them in cages if thats you idea of having a dog then avoid these, bull terriers are incredibly devoted to its family they are useless on there own you will destroy them and then end up being one of the people on forums asking how to cope!!,  Bull terriers do not do rejection well  or like upsetting there owners.
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