Saturday, 26 July 2014

retro lego fabuland animal minifigures ever wondered what there worth ?

Classic Lego Fabuland Animal Minifigures 

 I  feel so lucky i was part of the generation who grew up as kids of the 80's what a decade it was especially if you were a kid my little pony care bears masters of the universe, bravestarr, knight rider the list goes on.
if you were around 5-10 years of age you may of had fabuland Lego i personally love this series of lego and wish they still made it, it was similar in a way to playmobil but with a better building quality of play that lego gives you .

The figures from fabuland were animals not humans they could not come apart but did have accessories like hats or garden tools
You could collect shops buildings , planes cars just a whole village lived in by animals even a walrus lived in fabuland a bulldog postman would deliver your mail just a lot of fun,

so i decided seeing i like lego so much and i have a youtube channel i use for random things that i would use my personnel none business youtube channel to showcase lego toys in series they came n and what they are currently worth (when i mean worth) i always mean realistic actually sold prices , not crazy over inflated prices price guide books tell you.

I hope i can educate and help others who enjoy lego and want to know what items are worth or what minifigures came in what series
so if your interested to know what your old toys are worth and what top expect to pay to get them back, or maybe you have some in storage to sell ,

please checkout my video below and subscribe to my channel as i will list every series of lego minifigures with values over the next few months just takes a while are so many now..when i was a kid there were like 5 spacemen and some town people with octan on there chests or shell logo's !!
So please click on video below for a fully edited visual guide and valuation of lego fabuland minifigures

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